Friday, December 25, 2009

Building Muscle on a Raw Food Vegan Diet.

Since becoming raw again, I could tell that my strength was improving when I was working out at the gym. Many times we hear people ask us where we get our protein. It is like a broken record, but these people are serious--they don't know.

How we as Americans have been brainwashed with the nutritional guidelines! There is so much information that isn't bombarded in the media. Of course, the media is meant to make a profit. There is no profit for the meat and dairy industry, if the average person found out that they didn't need to get their protein from dead animals and dairy!

Think about it...where do the apes, giraffes, hippos, horses, cows, etc. get their protein for their enormous muscles? From greens, of course. So, instead of getting my protein second hand, I'm getting it directly from the source.

Also, most carnivores do not realize that by cooking their food, their bodies are only able to utilize about 50% of the protein they are getting.

That is enough of my little soap box. I am just happy to report that since I've been consuming a raw diet since March of 2008, I've been able to consistently push myself more with my weight training.

I'm hoping 2010 will bring even better results. I'm am working on building more muscle to make sure I don't lose any more weight.

Our bodies are miraculous. If you feed it right and treat it with the respect it deserves, it can heal itself and give you the energy and health you need to live an active life.

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Raw Food Pot Luck Change Today!

Because of the cool front and the breeze, I've decided not to have the potluck at the beach today.

Instead, it will be at my condo, since we usually never have more than a handful of people.

Please call me for details and directions, if you plan on attending.


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