Thursday, November 7, 2013

Ongoing Journey in the life of a Personal Trainer & Raw Fooder

Life is getting busier, and has been somewhat complicated the past several years, since I became a personal trainer, and my husband was diagnosed with early onset (early age) Frontaltemporal dementia.

Although I'm still dedicated to my raw food lifestyle, (and having been 100% raw for over five years), I've started incorporating some steamed or roasted veggies into my diet a few times a week. I mostly choose veggies that I don't typically eat raw on a regular basis.  This adds variety to my diet and makes eating out with non-raw fooders a bit easier.

Because of my work schedule, and the chaos life has thrown at me, I've been remiss in publishing my online monthly fitness newsletter. I published it for 11 years straight and only missed a month or two, but the past 3 years I haven't published it.  I plan on correcting this very soon!

I'm also in the middle of a couple self-study personal training courses, which will give me more expertise in personal training niches and help my clients.

The past few months has been a hit or miss with the raw food potlucks that I host at the Loggerhead Park at Juno beach.  Because of lack of interest and the cooler weather we expect the next few months, I've decided to take a break from hosting these potlucks until the first Sunday in March.  If you have an interest, please contact me or visit the website at for more details regarding these potlucks.

I have a couple of dedicated pages at Facebook, in addition to my personal FB page.  One has to do with dancing, which includes dance quotes and places where I'm going dancing in the area.  The second one has to do with personal training and motivational quotes, and the third one has to do with Inspirational and motivation quotes.  Below are those links:

Personal Facebook Page

Facebook Personal Trainer Page

Facebook Inspirational & Motivational Page

Facebook Dance Page

This is all for now as I'm expecting my next client any minute.  At least novw I've written my first blog here since August!