Saturday, June 6, 2009

Energy Soup

When I attended the Living Food's Institute, we made energy soup every day. It is really a drink and not a soup.
It is thick & creamy and not heated at all.

We used ingredients such as greens (I mainly use kale or collard greens), sprouted mung beans, sprouted lentils, sunflower greens, buckwheat greens, dulse, avocado, and apple.

It didn't taste wonderful, but it wasn't really bad either. We drank this throughout the day. By day two, I was really getting into drinking it, and actually starting to like it.

I can't say that I love energy soup, but for some reason, I crave this and drink it every day. In the close to 3 months since I returned from the Living Foods Institute, I think I've missed making (and drinking) this only 3 days.

I think my body is craving it since it is full of enzymes and nutrients.

I look forward to my energy soup every day!!

You can find the recipe here: Energy Soup Recipe