Monday, February 22, 2010

Next Palm Beach Gardens Raw Food Potluck--March 7

The next Palm Beach Gardens Raw Food potluck will be on Sunday, March 7th at 3:00 at Loggerhead Park.

Loggerhead Park is in the Juno Beach area. It is
right off U.S. 1 and just north of Donald Ross.

The weather should be nice, and we may have trouble finding a pavilion., so please take my cell phone number with you to help locate us. E-mail me if you need my cell phone number.

If you know you will be attending, it is best to let me know & send me your phone number in case there are changes of any kind.

Check out our group website for more information about our group.

Kevin & Annmarie Gianni Potluck Event at Rene's

One of my wishes finally came true! Saturday was the High Raw talk given by Kevin Gianni. It was great finally getting to meet Kevin and Annmarie in person after watching them on The Renegade Health Show for the past two years!

This raw potluck event was at Rene & Allan Oswald's home. There was a great turn out of about 50 people!

I made my Cauliflower Cheeze and once again, everyone enjoyed it. Since I brought my sister with me, I made a double batch, but it was all gone by the end of the evening!

Since I've been asked for the recipe, I have posted it at my Palm Beach Gardens Raw Food Group website.

Monday, February 8, 2010


We had a pretty good turn out for our potluck on Sunday, February 7, in spite of the cool and breezy weather across from the beach. We had our regulars, plus a couple people who have never made it.

These pictures were taken before everyone arrived. I had forgotten my camera, so took these with my phone camera. Unfortunately, I didn't think to take pictures after everyone got there.

Everyone brought something very yummy & healthful, too (of course)! My Califlower Cheeze was a hit, and it didn't take long for it to be finished. I have to admit that I had 3 servings. I want to thank Russell James for sending out this tasty recipe in one of his recent newsletters.