Thursday, August 8, 2013

Personal Training Update

I haven't written for many months, but a lot has changed.  I no longer work at LA Fitness.  I now am training clients privately.

I train my clients at various locations, such as at a gym, in their homes, in their community fitness rooms, my place, outside (such as at a beach, a park at at a swimming pool).

I love what I do, and enjoy helping my clients get fit and get into better shape.  I do train clients of all ages, but I specialize in training women, baby boomers and seniors.

It gives me so much pleasure when clients tell me how much fun I make it. Some of them have never worked out in a gym before or ever had a set exercise routine.  They tell me how great they feel after a workout.

And since most haven't worked out regularly, or not at all, I take it slow and work methodically to help them get into shape without being in pain the next day.

In addition to having them do exercises to get stronger or to lose weight, I also incorporate exercise that help with balance and work the core.  This is so important for people as they get older.

When people take their fitness and health seriously by making exercise a regular habit, it helps them be more productive, be more functional, and will help them maintain their independence longer in their advanced years.

You can read testimonials from some of my clients at:

Right now I'm running a summer special since a lot of my clients are on vacation or up north during the summer months.

You can view my summer special at my website:


Since I am also a raw food lifestyle consultant, I am happy to share information about the raw food lifestyle, if they ask.

After publishing this, and looking at the date, it reminded me that it is after midnight and now my birthday!  I am 62 years young today.

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